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Hard Drive External Case

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Hard Drive External Case

A hard drive external case, also known as an external hard drive enclosure, is a device used to house an internal hard drive and convert it into an external hard drive that can be connected to a computer via USB, Thunderbolt, or other types of data transfer cables.

The external case is typically made of plastic or metal and comes in various sizes to accommodate different hard drive form factors. Some external cases support 2.5-inch laptop hard drives, while others support 3.5-inch desktop hard drives.

The installation process involves opening the case, inserting the hard drive, and connecting it to the case's internal circuitry. Once the hard drive is installed, the external case can be connected to a computer and recognized as an external hard drive.

External hard drive enclosures offer several benefits, including the ability to reuse old hard drives, expand storage capacity, and transport data easily. They are also useful for backing up important files and data, as they can be easily disconnected and stored in a safe place.

Overall, external hard drive enclosures are a cost-effective and convenient solution for expanding computer storage and protecting important data

Product Specifications
  • Its lightweight design
  •  USB 3.0 connection
  •  Compatibility with all MacBook Pro models.
  •  Support hot swap
  •  Compatible operating system: Win7/Win8/Win10/Mac OS and latest version
  •  Theoretical transmission speed up to 480MBPS
  •  Supports all kinds of 2.5″ SATA mechanical hard drives and solid state drives
  •  Available colors: black, silver, red, blue
  •  Product size: 135*75*13mm
  •  Packing size: 150*100*35mm

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