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Plastic cards

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Plastic cards

Looking for a dependable method to maintain the functionality of your security system? Check out our plastic cards right away! Our cards, which are reliable and simple to use, will guarantee that your system is constantly up and operating as it should. You may relax knowing that your security system is always active and functioning properly with our cards. Any security system can use these cards.

You can quickly secure your property thanks to our user-friendly design. Ensure the safety of your family with our plastic cards. By pressing a button, you can quickly and conveniently add or remove users from your system using these cards. Additionally, plastic is a strong and long-lasting substance.

Plastic cards are printed on a PVC material. We can print different types of Plastic Cards/Plastic ID’s depending on intended use.


We've all seen them - credit cards, gift cards, ATM cards, store cards...they're everywhere! Did you know that according to its specification each card needs an average 0.8 seconds to pass through a magnetic stripe reader?

  • Staff/Employees ID cards
  • Student ID Cards
  • Visitor’s ID Cards
  • Membership Cards
  • Medical Cards
  • Seasonal ID cards
  • Security ID Cards
  • Loyalty Cards
  • Car Gate Pass

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