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Ceriotti Professional Hair Dryer And Blowdry

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Your hair is your crown, treat it well. Style up with the Ceriotti GEK 3000 Professional Hair Dryer. This high functioning hair dryer is fitted with a professional AC motor Sonic system that is extremely powerful and hence perfect for long-time use. An Ultra thin concentrator for concentration of heat during the hair drying and straightening process which ensures that every strand of hair is straightened. It is also fitted with an Auto power-off overheating feature to prevent damage from overheating and as well as protect your hair. It is also CE approved professional use which makes it suitable for at home and professional use.

It has 2 speed and 3 heat settings, giving you more choice depending on the type of hair and styling you need. The concentrator is perfect for bone-straight hair styling and the comb for the classic volume required for big and puffy afros. The surface of the product is made of high quality Nylon plastic which are heatproof, high strength, insulative, damp proof and which is not easy to break also. It has double insulation protection, so it is very safe to use and produces low noise.


  • Speed setting: 2

  • Temperature options: 4

  • High Efficiency directional outlet

  • High air pressure

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