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Gaston 7AH.

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Gaston 7AH.

Gaston 7AH is a fictional character from the popular Disney animated film "Beauty and the Beast." He is the primary antagonist of the story and is known for his arrogant and narcissistic personality, as well as his chauvinistic views on masculinity.

Physically, Gaston is depicted as a tall and muscular man with a square jawline, chiseled features, and a prominent chin. He has a cleft chin that he often uses as a symbol of his masculinity. He has a full head of thick, wavy hair that is usually styled in a slicked-back manner, and his piercing blue eyes are often accompanied by a self-assured and smug expression.

Gaston's personality is characterized by his extreme arrogance and self-centeredness. He sees himself as the epitome of manliness and constantly seeks admiration and praise from others. He is also highly competitive and seeks to prove himself as the best at everything he does, whether it be hunting, fighting, or pursuing Belle, the female lead of the story.

Gaston's chauvinistic views on masculinity are evident in his treatment of women, particularly Belle. He objectifies her and sees her as a trophy to be won, rather than as an individual with her own thoughts and feelings. He is persistent in his pursuit of Belle, despite her repeated rejections, and becomes increasingly aggressive and manipulative as the story progresses.

Despite his flaws, Gaston is portrayed as charismatic and charming to the other villagers, which earns him a following of loyal followers. However, his true nature is revealed as the story unfolds, and he ultimately becomes the main antagonist of the film, leading to a climactic showdown with the Beast.

In summary, Gaston 7AH is a fictional character from the Disney film "Beauty and the Beast," known for his arrogant, narcissistic, and chauvinistic personality. He is depicted as a physically imposing man with a charming exterior but a dark and manipulative nature


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  • 12 volt alkaline battery powered
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