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Gaston 7AH.

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Gaston 7AH.

You will have enough juice for your rides thanks to our specialist 7AH battery charger, which can charge batteries up to 7.4Ah while they are in use. Even with filthy or wet hands, use this charger is made simple by its secure case and comfortable grip. The ideal camping partner is the Gaston 7AH. We are delighted to offer this model as our best-selling generator since it is built sturdy to weather any journey and furnished with features that make it deserving of your trust. This robust workhorse, which draws its power from a fuel tank with a capacity of up to 90 gallons, is made to be portable and used for extended periods of time.

The frame and cable of our Gaston 7AH outdoor speaker are made of fine wood. This chic speaker can go anywhere your music needs to go because it is waterproof, shockproof, and submersible for added security. For excellent music quality, the 7AH also has a preamplifier with Bluetooth® wireless technology. A high-performance washer with 720 litters of capacity and four program options is the Gaston 7AH. With ECO built-in, water usage can be cut by up to 50% even while utilising the highest power setting. Additionally, it offers some of the greatest wash performance on the market, enabling you to stay comfortable and reduce your electricity costs.


Gaston 7AH has the following specifications;

  • 12 volt alkaline battery powered
  • length 10.5
  • weight 0.4 lbs


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