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300Watts Outdoor Security Solar Streetlight.

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300Watts Outdoor Security Solar Streetlight.

If you're looking for an easy way to light up your outside space without worrying about power consumption, then this 300Watts Outdoor Security Solar Streetlight should definitely be on your radar. This bright outdoor solar powered light would make an excellent addition to any porch or patio because it comes equipped with motion sensors that detect movement within 25 feet and automatically turns on when motion is detected.

Our Solar Street Lights make a green statement about the importance of energy conservation. Energy-saving and eco-friendly, these panels harness the sun’s rays to provide power that is just as reliable as traditional light sources – without the glare. The result is a streetlight that emits light at night time yet consumes zero electricity during its off time; perfect for urban areas.

Solar streetlight has a solar panel that charges the system and an internal regulator that ensures lights stay on during dimly lit areas. In the event of an outage, simply replace the solar panel with a charged battery and you’re back in business. If for some reason you need to disconnect your Solar Streetlight altogether your batteries are still charged, ready for use at a moment’s notice.


  • Solar panel area (WxH): 500 x 240mm
  • Working voltage 12V
  • Output power 220W
  • Lifespan >5 years

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