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Solar powered sport lights gardens lights.

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Solar powered sport lights gardens lights.

If you're looking for garden lights, there's no need to look any further than our Solar Powered Sport Lights! We offer a variety of great lights - both indoor and outdoor - including solar powered string lights, solar fairy lights, solar puck lights, solar post caps and more. Solar powered, made with recycled and renewable materials, these are super bright and durable. Upgraded to 3 different colors - Red, Green and Blue - for maximum visibility in your garden or landscaping project.

Garden lights create a unique lighting environment to your outdoor space. You can put our solar-powered garden lights anywhere in your yard because they are portable and lightweight. They are all powered by solar energy and require little to no maintenance. Your garden will glow fantastically thanks to solar-powered sport lights, and the illumination effects will make your garden appear more appealing. These lights contribute to your garden's increased beauty during the day and at night. For clients who wish to make their gardens appear bright and well-lit, we are providing this excellent price on solar-powered sport lights.


These solar powered sport lights will give your garden an instant upgrade! Specifications:

  • Powerful LED light
  • Solar powered; no wiring required
  •  Install on poles, fences, or walls
  • Brand -Nunix
  • Color - Cool -White
  • Material - Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene
  • Style - Modern Light fixture
  • form -Spotlight Room
  • Type- Deck


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