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K40 Biometric System

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K40 Biometric System.

The K40 Biometric System is a cutting-edge security solution that utilizes advanced biometric technology to provide secure access control to buildings, offices, or other restricted areas. It is a state-of-the-art system that combines biometric recognition with advanced features for enhanced security and convenience.

The K40 Biometric System features a sleek and modern design, making it an aesthetically pleasing addition to any environment. It comes equipped with a high-resolution color touch screen for easy user interaction and configuration. The system supports multiple biometric identification methods, including fingerprint recognition, facial recognition, and card recognition, allowing users to choose the most suitable option for their security needs.

One of the key features of the K40 Biometric System is its high level of accuracy and reliability. It utilizes advanced algorithms and sensors to ensure fast and accurate biometric identification, minimizing the risk of false positives or false negatives. The system can store and manage a large number of users in its database, making it suitable for small, medium, or large organizations.

The K40 Biometric System also offers advanced access control features, such as time-based access restrictions, anti-passback functionality, and door scheduling. This allows administrators to configure the system according to their specific security requirements and ensure that only authorized personnel can access restricted areas at designated times.

In addition to its advanced security features, the K40 Biometric System also provides convenient user management options. It comes with user-friendly software that allows administrators to easily enroll new users, manage access rights, and generate reports for attendance tracking or security audits. The system also supports connectivity options such as TCP/IP, Wi-Fi, and USB, making it easy to integrate with existing security systems or connect to a network.

Overall, the K40 Biometric System is a highly reliable, accurate, and convenient security solution that offers advanced biometric technology for access control. Its modern design, advanced features, and user-friendly interface make it a popular choice for organizations that prioritize security and convenience in their access control systems


The K40 Biometric System has an amazing specification which lets it stand out among its competitors

  • Finger Print Capacity -1000 ( User Card Capacity = 1000 Optional)
  • Record Capacity- 80,000
  • Display-2.8-inch TFT Screen
  • Communication-TCP/IP, USB Host
  • Standard Functions-WDMS, Web Server, SMS, Automatic Status Switch, Self-Service Query, Work Code, T9 input, 9 Digits User ID, DST, Schedule Bell
  • Optional Functions-ID/Mifare
  • 3.0


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