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200m coaxial cable

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200m coaxial cable.

A 200m coaxial cable is a type of cable used to transmit audio, video, and data signals over long distances. It consists of a central conductor wire surrounded by a dielectric insulator, a metallic shield, and an outer jacket. The metallic shield and dielectric insulator protect the central conductor from interference and signal loss due to electromagnetic interference (EMI) and radio frequency interference (RFI).

A 200m coaxial cable is ideal for outdoor applications such as connecting satellite dishes, CCTV cameras, and other equipment that requires long cable runs. It is also commonly used in high-speed data networks, including cable television and internet systems.

The main advantage of using a coaxial cable is its ability to transmit signals with minimal interference, ensuring a high-quality signal over long distances. This is because the metallic shield surrounding the central conductor protects the signal from external interference, resulting in a clear and reliable signal.

When selecting a 200m coaxial cable, it is important to consider the cable's impedance, which is a measure of how well the cable transmits signals at a specific frequency. Most coaxial cables have an impedance of either 50 or 75 ohms, with 75 ohms being the most common for audio and video applications.

In summary, a 200m coaxial cable is a reliable and high-quality cable that is suitable for outdoor applications and long-distance signal transmission. It provides clear and reliable audio, video, and data signals and is an essential component in many modern communication systems.

  • Cable Diameter - 0.55 (14mm)
  • Outer Shielding - Foil + Braid + Aluminum
  • Inner Insulation - Fiberglass
  • Electrical Characteristics - Voltage Rating 600V AC/DC, Current Rating 100A

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