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Dual Energy X-ray Inspection System ZKX6550

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Dual Energy X-ray Inspection System ZKX6550.

The Dual Energy X-ray Inspection System ZKX6550 is an advanced security screening solution that utilizes dual-energy X-ray technology to detect hidden threats and contraband in different objects. By generating two images of the scanned object using low-energy and high-energy X-rays and comparing them, the system can identify discrepancies in the material composition of the object, which may indicate the presence of hidden objects, such as explosives, weapons, drugs, or other contraband.

The ZKX6550 is designed with a compact and ergonomic structure, making it easy to install and operate in various locations, including airports, government buildings, border crossings, and other high-security areas. It comes with a large inspection tunnel measuring 650mm x 500mm, which can accommodate objects of different sizes and shapes. Additionally, the system features a high-resolution imaging system that produces clear images of scanned objects even in low-light conditions.

The ZKX6550 is also user-friendly and requires minimal training to operate. It has an intuitive interface that allows for customization of scanning parameters, such as X-ray energy, image enhancement, and image processing. Furthermore, the system is equipped with advanced safety features to protect the operator and the environment. These features include radiation shielding, interlock systems, and automatic radiation control.

Overall, the Dual Energy X-ray Inspection System ZKX6550 is an efficient and reliable security screening solution that can enhance security and safety in high-risk areas, giving peace of mind to security personnel and the public.

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