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CCTV Video Baluns Connector.

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CCTV Video Baluns Connector.

A video balun is often used to convert an unbalanced signal into a balanced one while maintaining the impedance characteristics of the line. A balun takes the unbalanced signal from one end and transmits it through a transformer so that it appears balanced on the other end.

Video baluns connector for CCTV. The CBR200X is a top-notch balun for CCTV cameras that may be used to change frequencies without sacrificing signal quality. To fulfill your application demands, it uses coax-type connectors and is available in a number of versions. An essential component of CCTV video baluns, the connector transmits video signal to other locations or systems. Now, some of you might be wondering what an optical fiber is. a cable that sends information through light, much as how electricity and radio waves do through telephone lines.

With this CCTV video baluns, you can easily connect your camera to many standard analog sources, such as DIN-rail, VGA & S-video (standard definition), composite and high definition. High quality professional video baluns with a wide range of signal carriers.

  • 1 Balun Pair, Transmitter & Receiver included
  • 330 Meter Transmission Distance
  • Supports UTP / STP Cat 2, 3, 4, 5e, 6; 12~24 AWG or Heavier
  • Compact design
  • Cost savings by replacing costly coaxial cable
  • Neater less conspicuous wiring


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