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CCTV Coaxial Cable

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CCTV Coaxial Cable.

CCTV coaxial cable is a type of cable specifically designed for transmitting video signals from Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) cameras to monitors or recording devices. It is widely used in CCTV systems for surveillance and security purposes, where reliable and high-quality video transmission is essential.

CCTV coaxial cables are characterized by their construction, impedance, and signal transmission capabilities. They typically consist of a central conductor, an insulating layer, a shielding layer, and an outer jacket. The central conductor carries the video signal, while the insulating layer prevents signal loss or interference. The shielding layer protects the signal from external interference, ensuring a clear and stable video transmission. The outer jacket provides physical protection to the cable.

Impedance is an important characteristic of CCTV coaxial cables, and the most common type of coaxial cable used in CCTV systems is 75-ohm coaxial cable. This impedance is specifically designed for video transmission and is compatible with most CCTV cameras and equipment. Using the correct impedance cable is crucial to maintain the quality and integrity of the video signal.

CCTV coaxial cables are available in various types, including RG59, RG6, and RG11, which differ in terms of their diameter, signal transmission distance, and installation flexibility. RG59 is the most commonly used coaxial cable in CCTV systems, suitable for short to medium-distance video transmission. RG6 is a thicker cable that provides better signal transmission over longer distances, making it suitable for larger installations. RG11 is the thickest and most robust coaxial cable, typically used for very long-distance video transmission.

Using high-quality CCTV coaxial cables is essential for ensuring reliable and high-quality video transmission in CCTV systems. Poor-quality cables can result in video signal degradation, loss of image quality, or signal interference, which can negatively impact the effectiveness of the CCTV system. Therefore, it is important to choose the appropriate type and quality of coaxial cable for specific CCTV installations, and to follow industry standards and best practices for installation and maintenance


Cable Specifications includes

1) Conductors - Solid, 0.5 mm

2) Insulation - PVC

3) Coating - Aluminium

4) Construction - Braided

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