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MK TV/DVD Guard with Surge Protector

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Without doubt, power interruptions cause major problems for home and business computing. An unpredictable power supply can lead to worrying problems events such as surges, spikes, brownouts and utility failures. If any of these should occur, there’s a strong chance you will suffer from loss of critical data, lowered productivity and even damage to your expensive equipment.

All electrical and electronic equipment, connected to the mains supply is at risk of being damaged from spikes, surges, lightning, brown-outs, power-cuts (blackouts), power back surges, and over-voltage.

UKMK encompasses a wide range of power protection products for use in many different industries where clean, regulated mains power is critical to their continued operation.


The TV guard  is an overvoltage protection device rated at 5 Amps. The TV guard will disconnect if the mains go above the upper limit and re-connect automatically after the supply returning and remaining below the upper limit for the duration of the wait time.


1. Make sure that your load does not exceed the rating of the TV guard which is 5 AMPS. If this is exceeded, the TV guard may be damaged, and the warranty will be void.

2. Plug the TV guard into the mains and plug your appliance into the TV guard.

3. Do not connect more than one appliance to the TV guard.

4. On first switching on, the red LED will indicate and there will be no output while the TV guard monitors the mains. If the mains level is acceptable, the Yellow LED is lit indicating that the TV guard is in wait mode.  At the end of the wait time (30 seconds), and if the supply is below the upper limit, the green LED goes on and the load is connected.

5. It is recommended that the TV guard is kept switched on, and the appliance switched on and off as required, to prevent activating the time delay every time the appliance is switched on.

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