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Relax & Spin Tone Whole Body Massager

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Get rid of those aches, pains and knots on your body or just relax and have a quiet spa day at home after a long week. This device works by rotating and vibrating simultaneously which allows the relaxing sensation to get all the way into your muscle and release that tightness.You can use the product to massage your full body like: Legs, buttocks, abdomen, upper back, arms and so on. It is excellent for stress & tension relief on shoulders and back. It contains a speed adjustment knob so that you can control the power and speed of the revolutions based on your specific needs. It is quipped with 4 removable massager heads as below:

  • 1 smooth head massage type.

  • 1 wave type massage head

  • 1 massage with tiny balls 

  • 1 abrasive massager

  • 1 protective cloth cover 

This device is also useful tone toning as the vibration increases your body’s metabolicrate resulting in reduced body fat and increased muscle mass and strength. This device is grat for toning your upper under arms, sculpting those abs, toning the hips, thighs and buns. Lastly the abrasive massager head is excellent for removing dead cells on calloused hands and feet when you need that manicure. 


  • Relieves pressure, restores vigor and vitality. 

  • Portable, pack it anywhere. 

  • Light, handy, convenient. 

  • Unique rapid rotation and powerful massage.. 

  • Engineered and designed to conform to the body’'s curves.

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