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Geemy GM6018 Rechargeable Hair Clipper

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Product Features 

 1: Rechargeable: You can give up worrying about power status and power point near your shaving place, because this appliance runs on rechargeable battery.

2: Multiple attachments You can make use of the whole lot of multiple attachments that come with the set to trim hair of different lengths.

3: Adjustable blades The trimmer’s free floating head allows for a fuss-free shave even in hard-to-reach areas. This feature also makes cleaning the appliance a lot more convenient.

4: Steel finish blades The blades in this appliance come with a steel finish so they are not susceptible to rust and corrosion.

5: Comb, oil, and all accessories included. The set also includes a pair of scissors to cut off strays, a specially formulated oil to clean the blades, and a comb to brush and set the hair.


 -AC& rechargeable Hair clipper 

-Charging Time: 8 hours

·      -Full power can be used for about 70 minutes

·      -Charging indicator 

       -Magic stainless steel blade

·      -Cut hair and beard very easily

·      -Cutting length comb

·      -Cleaning brush

·      -Charging adaptor

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