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300s MMA 20-140a welding inverter machine.

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300s MMA 20-140a welding inverter machine. 

You're looking for an inverter welding machine, right? So we thought it would help if we narrowed down what kind of machine you were looking for. If it’s a 300-amp MMA inverter welding machine then these are the ones that suit your needs!. Professional quality 120V 20-140A weld inverter machine which converts 110V household current to 220V AC or 220V AC power for efficient and affordable welding. Equipped with digital display panel, touch-screen control panel, and integrated Bluetooth communication system. Dual output ports for 200W DC output and 400W AC/DC output. Compatible with various shielding gas media including as halogen free flameless plasma (HFP) welding power supply.

This welding inverter machine is a perfect machine for the small and large-scale MIG welders. It offers a fast and ergonomic structure, with high performance and easy operation. The 500Hz working frequency can cover various Al/MMA spatter welding and gives exceptional welding performance. The 300S comes standard with an easy access battery charge connector, so you don't need to take it apart to get the battery charged.

  • Maximum voltage AC input 230 VAC
  • Maximum output current 20 A
  • Output waveform unbalanced sine wave

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