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Maxpolar submersible water pumps.

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Max polar submersible water pumps.

When it comes to water pumps there are a number of brands that you might encounter. The Maxpolar submersible water pump has several key features which make it one of the most reliable options on the market today. Leave your questions about this product in the comments and we will answer them for you!. Maxpolar submersible water pumps are high quality, reliable and powerful, yet affordable. The pumps are available in single head models and multi-head models with connecting rods for maximum nozzle layout flexibility.

Maxpolar submersible pump will save your time & money. Our pumps are high quality and made for dishwashers, laundry tubs, etc. They are specially designed to fit all types of applications like water input and output pumps, swimming pool pumps, automatic toilet flush valves and taps. Maxpolar Submersible Water Pumps are available in many different models and capacities to suit your needs. The Maxpolar range include a series of low-noise pumps suitable for domestic use and intended for use on riser pipe of short length, as well as pumps with higher power outputs used for larger diameter pipes and deeper wells.


  • Pump body:Aluminium or cast iron
  • Motor bracket:Aluminium
  • Impeller:Aluminium
  • Max.Submerged depth:5m
  • Fluid temperature up to +40ºC
  • Max ambient temperature +40ºC


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