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30kgs digital price computing scale.

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30kgs digital price computing scale.

Looking for a new digital weight scale? We're here to help you find one! Share with us what features are most important when shopping around for a new weight scale.Our oversized digital price computing scale is perfect for weighing your baggage on the plane, or checking the weight of your purchases when shopping. Simply weigh each item, enter weight and price, then calculate the total cost in your currency!.

Our digital price computing scale features a one button operation, with handy on screen display and auto-zero function. The traditional steel frame ensures durability and stability during use, while the generous weighing range (150g - 9kg) means you can be sure that no matter what your requirements are, this scale will meet them. 

  • Wide-range & High-precision: Weighing Capacities to 66 Lbs by 0.02Lb Division(The ON/OFF is on at the bottom).
  • This scale work with 3 x 1.5V D size batteries. Please replace the batteries when low power indicator. No need charger and charging cable.
  • Operator and Customer Displays: Weight, Unit Price, and Total Price Shown Simultaneously of the Front and Back Operator and Customer Displays
  • Tare / Zero / Add-up / Total Display / Clear Total / Overloaded / Low Battery Power Indicator
  • Easy to Clean Surface - Wash-down 12" x 9" Stainless Steel Platter.

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