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300kgs digital Platform scale.

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300kgs digital Platform scale.

Weighing scales Weighing scales allow people to measure the weight of an object using a calibrated device. There are many types of weighing scales such as commercial weighing scales, beam balance scale, and spring balance scale. If you had this product what would you use it for?. This digital platform scale is very easy to operate and can measure very accurately which makes it perfect for weighing high volumes in the food production industry for example. The weighing platform has a wide range of adjustable increments for easy weigh readings, providing quick accuracy and repeatable results.

It’s ultra-fast weighing speed is better than 20 times per second, making it accurate and practical for everyday use. This scale is perfect for DIY or presentable home use, like for people’s weight control, health care and medical care.

  • Price Computing Digital Weight Scale!
  • 100g Precision, 100g Divisions
  • Displays Weight, Unit Price and Total Price LED/LCD Display
  • Metal / steel platform, heavy duty design
  • Platform Size: 40CM X 50CM
  • Perfect for Warehouse, Industrial, Office, Farm, Stores etc
  • Runs on rechargeable battery : 6V/4AH battery, AC 220V. 120hrs long lasting power duration from a single charge.
  • Display Windows: Weight window 5 digits, Unit Price Window 5 digits, Total Price Window 6 digits
  • Conductive silicon rubber switch with soft touch

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