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A12 Govt Approaved LPG Weighing Platform.

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A12 Govt Approaved LPG Weighing Platform.

Do you want a weighing platform? If yes, then get A12 Gov't Approved LPG Weighing Platform for it. Let us know if you're interested in this product and we'll send more info your way!. One of the most important steps you need to take when converting your business to LPG is choosing a scale. It's important because it will help you maintain accurate pricing and make sure customers know what they're paying for. The A12 LPG Weighing Platform is an approved weigh scale that provides an extremely safe and accurate way to measure LPG in a user friendly manner. The weighing platform is made of quality stainless steel with a durable black finish, which will withstand the wear and tear you put on your application during use.

Let us make your weighing solutions more efficient and economical with our LPG Weighing Platform. It is a high capacity weigher that has an improved design, ensuring neat and compact appearance. The platform is made by advanced aluminum materials, not only durable, but also light weight. It comes with a highly accurate digital weighing scale scale unit which can read accurately in 3 digits on a full resolution LCD display.


  • Electronic scale based on 8 bit micro controller
  • Snooze facility
  • Full tare facility
  • high quality loadcell
  •  mildsteel construction base with stainless steel top.
  • rubber levelling feet.

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