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INGCO Drill Rotary Hammer SDS URH10508

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INGCO Drill Rotary Hammer SDS URH10508.

Looking for a new rotary hammer drill? INGCO has just what you need! The INGCO Drill Rotary Hammer SDS URH10508 has high power levels and an ergonomic design, making it perfect for any job site.

FOR ROTARY HAMMER DRILLS AND JIG SAWS - Our Drill Rotary Hammer is engineered to drill through various materials: concrete, timber, metal and other ferrous materials. Its unique design allows the tool to be securely attached to a table top or wall while still maintaining its rotary motion. This drill rotary hammer is perfect for drilling nubs and pilot holes in masonry, concrete block and gypsum board. The hammer's powerful yet balanced design allows it to be operated from either the top or bottom with easy control of the rotation.

The DRILLING SYSTEMS DCS3422 is a rotary hammer with a 20 ton capacity and can be used for hole punching, hard material drilling and sawing. The DCS3422 is ideal for general tasks such as measuring holes, cutting wire or other metal parts. This drill rotary hammer will speed up your drilling tasks and increase productivity. Pick the correct bit for the job and press the trigger with ease.

  • 1 pc depth stop
  • 1 grease tube
  • 1 set carbon brushes
  • 1 pc dust cap
  • 1050 W  110 Volts
  • 900-4000 Rev per minute 
  • Three months limited warranty
  • Weight : 11 lbs

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