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Kgtel E1272 Mobile Phone Dual Sim 32MB 2G

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Kgtel E1272 Mobile Phone Dual Sim 32MB 2G Flip Phone - 800Mah.

i am very happy with my kgtel e1272 mobile that i recieved this product in less than two weeks after the payment was made. I can say that the phone is one of my favorites as far as shape, style, and size are concerned. Like most people I wanted something smaller than the latest smartphones available today, yet larger enough to be more comfortable than a cell phone that could fit in your pocket.

Kgtel E1272 mobile phone flip phone perfect for use in the office, home and school. This box set includes a simple black handset with a 4-point call keypad layout, a 32MB memory card and a bluetooth headset. It is ideal for people who love the convenience of a smart phone and the functionality of a standard handset: It has an easy-to-type keypad with large buttons; Bluetooth to connect with other handsets; A camera with 2MP resolution that can be used in conjunction with an SD card to store memos or images directly onto it; Built-in music player with earphones


Here are the specifications for this Kgtel E1272 Mobile Phone Dual Sim 32MB 2G Flip Phone - 800Mah

  • Model Number Kgtel E1272 
  • Net Weight 0.04kg
  • Package Dimensions 16x10x1cm


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