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KGTEL C3521 Mobile phone.

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KGTEL C3521.

If you're looking for a new smartphone and want one of the best options out there right now, then this could be what you're looking for. KGTEL C3521 What features would make your ideal phone?. This phone is made from high quality plastic, not only this but it felt light in your hand. I have owned Samsung phones and they are heavy to hold on to.

KGTEL C3521 is a mobile phone that's well configured to provide maximum performance. With long battery life (up to 1700 mAh), it gives you a longer time to talk and to surf the net. It is equipped with mobile network 4G/LTE support, fast charging of the battery, an easy-to-use keypad and a large screen (5.1 inches with FHD resolution on a diagonal of 5.5 inches). KGTEL C3522 can be used for sensing voices and sending instant messages!

The KGTEL C3521 is a stylish and effective mobile phone that allows you to make calls, send texts and image messages, access the internet and stay in contact with family and friends wherever you are. With a large colour touch screen, compact digital camera function, useful key features and phone book this handset will be able to enhance your everyday life.

Specifications Brand Kgtel Model Name Flip Cellular Technology 2G Connectivity technologies GSM Colour Black

About this item

  • Dual Sim Phone GSM + GSM
  • Wireless open fm
  • Camera with flash , 3.5 mm stereo jack ,1000Mah battery
  • Colour - Black

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