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24 port POE switch

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24 port POE switch.

Up to 12 data devices, such as IP cameras, VOIP phones, and wireless access points (WAP), can connect through Power over Ethernet (PoE) cables using a 24 port POE switch. This baby is selling like hotcakes since we recently placed it on sale. Purchase a POE switch right away while supplies last if you need one.

The 24 port POE switch is one of our most popular items, and it comes with all sorts of useful features. One of these features includes 802.3af Power over Ethernet (PoE) support, which allows power to travel alongside data without the need for separate wiring. This type of switch also offers built-in surge protection against power surges and overloads so they don't affect your network performance!.

PoE Switch series is the latest generation of Web Smart switches to feature D-Link Green technology.  These switches integrate advanced management and security functions that provide performance and scalability. Most people these days use POE switches to provide power and data connectivity to their network devices like wireless access points and IP cameras. A 24 port POE switch will provide 24 ports where each port has power and data capability which is useful when connecting more than one device to the same power source.

  • 24 Port POE Switch (Power over Ethernet)
  • 1 Gbps Dedicated Link Aggregation

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