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200watts solar streetlights.

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200 watts solar streetlights.

Solar streetlights are becoming more popular in remote areas where electricity is unavailable The United Nations reports that two billion people don't have access to electricity, so solar lights offer an easy solution. The solar streetlights are green and good for the environment. It is a good choice if you are looking to save money while having bright work lights at the same time

The Solar Streetlight is the most effective, efficient and environmentally friendly solar streetlights. It is a high addition to the project of photovoltaic lighting because it uses the state of art technology for solar panel generation. The long service life of the product makes them suitable for rural areas where electricity power supply is not easily available or in remote areas where there is no grid feeder.

  • Product model:MO-SLT18-200W
  • Full electric lighting:12h
  • Solar panel:4.5V monocrystalline silicon high efficiency solar panel
  • Battery capacity: 3*5000mAH iron phosphate battery
  • Color temperature: 7000k
  • Package Included: 1 x Solar Light 1 x Solar Panel 1 x1 pole x User Manual
  • Product function: radar sensor + light control
  • Light body size:555*245*60mm
  • Lamp bead: 216pcs highlight the bead
  • Exposure area:110 square meter


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