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VAC9F042WX 4 Gas + 2 Electric Cooker.

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VAC9F042WX 4 Gas + 2 Electric Cooker - Stainless steel.

Imagine this! You can cook anything you want, anytime of day with just one appliance! It doesn't matter if it's lunchtime or breakfast time, breakfast cereal or scrambled eggs; VAC9F042WX 4 Gas + 2 Electric Cooker - Stainless steel is an all-in-one solution for all your cooking needs.

Exceptional appearance mixed with amazing value, design, and performance. This device with a 2-2 frequency range offers affordability, quality, and ease. a popular company with a stellar reputation. If you want a versatile device that can cook all types of food while using less electricity, the Vac 9F042WX 4 gas + 2 electric Cooker with a 591 liter capacity is the appliance for you. The cooker has an interior made of stainless steel with walls that have been enamel coated, making it simple to clean and maintain. An anti-tip safety feature and double insulation temperature protection are additional wonderful features that come with this cooker and make cooking simpler and safer.


  • 4 Gas + 2 Electric plate
  • Electric oven & grill
  • Fan assisted oven
  • Glass Lid
  • Push button auto ignition
  • Rotisserie
  • 1 oven trays & 1 wire grilling racks
  • Wide oven
  • Stainless steel finishing
  • Warranty: 12 months

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