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Double deka net free size

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Double deka net free size

Double deka net free size is a flexible net, with a smooth and tight close, which allows you to fold it up into a small bag when not in use. Perfect for storing small items like pencils, cosmetics or jewelry. Double Deka is a 100% cotton and features double front openings. This particular style has an approximate length of 15 inches, which allows it to be fit tighter on little ones. Perfect to layer beneath your children’s favorite clothes or as a sleepwear alone, this piece is sure to become an eye catcher in any child's wardrobe.

Double deka net free size is a synthetic fiber,without any animal by products.this fiber is made from recycled plastic bottles and has the ability to absorb up to 10 times its own weight in moisture.the double-dekanet is manufactured using the technology of high-tech polymers and have no harmfull effect on human body.

Double deka net is a type of netting found exclusively in the rainforest. Double deka net is very strong and resilient, and is extremely difficult to tear. It is perfect for traps and snares, but can be used as a ground cover as well. We have tons of natural and organic ways to take care of this plant so that your habitat will be clean, healthy, and safe.


The specifications of our net are ;

  • Double deka net free size
  • Needle x 14 ft./150 yds., Net 12 ft./120 yds.,

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