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Rail net colours  white,pink,cream and purple

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Rail net colours  white,pink,cream and purple.

This mosquito net comes with metallic stands and it makes your bedroom look pretty , unique and organised. It is durable, easy to assemble and comfortable. This Mosquito net will add to the decor of your home, besides catering for comfort and safety. From designing your bedroom to protecting your loved ones from mosquito,‎ you will experience unfathomable comfort with this net. The net has metallic stands for easy support.

The bedding is high quality and durable, it is waterproof, antibacterial, fire resistant and dustproof. You can opt for these rail nets to keep your beddings safe from the abrupt movement of your daughters. They can be easily fixed to any existing frame, giving your daughters the option to play and sleep on the floor. This bedding is made with high-quality and durable material, it can ensure your baby’s health.

We supply high quality products with the right price. Our main goal is to provide easy ordering and fast delivery of our product. Offered products are highly valued by clients as they are best in quality at affordable price. Rl net 4*6,5*6 for beddings for all types of railings,It is suitable for all types of fabric,It's easy to fix. It could give you a plus treatment and it will be your best choice to make!.




4*6, 5*6, 6*6


off white, grey, chocolate, green, orange, red, hot pink, baby pink, maroon, light brown

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