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Suprema Bio Station 2 Ultra Performance.

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BioStation 2 Ultra Performance.

This essential all-in-one tool is built to help you create the gardens you’ve always wanted. Its high quality metal case and large dial are strong but not heavy, so it can be taken anywhere. The wide selection of tools includes a trowel, rake, shovel and more, plus a handy yard sign that displays your coordinates.

The Bio Station 2 is the most advanced home security system on the market. Engineered with the latest in biometric technology, the Bio Station 2 is able to scan your fingerprint and identify you in seconds. This level of security is unmatched by any other system on the market. Not only does the Bio Station 2 provide top-level security, but it's also sleek and stylish. It will complement any home décor.


instant matching & authentication

biostation 2 is designed to provide matching & authentication in an instant. leveraging the powerful hardware and sophisticated algorithms, the device can match and authenticate up to 20,000 fingerprints per second.

massive memory capacity

biostation 2 offers a massive memory capacity to handle large number of users. the device can manage up to 1,000,000 fingerprint templates, which translates to 500,000 maximum users that is equivalent to the population of a large metro area such as miami. additionally, biostation 2 can hold up to 3,000,000 logs for backup in case of a connection loss to server in order to safely guard all records.

Specifications include:






Sensor Type

Optical Sensor (OP5)


MINEX certified and compliant


Not supported