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Bruhm 43" Smart Curved Screen TV

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Bruhm 43 Smart Curved Screen TV.

Bruhm is one of the leading manufacturers of quality TVs in the industry, with many years' experience producing high-quality TVs and a legacy stretching back over 50 years. Reach out telling us what you think about our new TV. The Bruhm 43" Smart Curved Screen TV is a 4K ultra HD Smart TV that brings you a superior viewing experience. This Smart TV has high definition resolution that’s four times greater than 1080p and delivers super sharp images in every corner of your home. The built-in Wi-Fi allows you to stream content from the Internet.

The 43'' Smart Curved Screen TV is a breakthrough in smart TV technology. It features a curved screen, allowing you to view the picture from any angle and sit a bit closer. The screen features colour optimiser and contrast enhancer to help you adjust it to your liking, and it also boasts 1000Hz motion enhanced frame rate, so you can enjoy fast-moving scenes even more.

  • 1080p HD Resolution
  • 360° Viewing Angle
  • Free Shipping
  • 43″ Smart VIDAA OS
  • 4K UHD
  • Netflix, Amazon Prime, Showmax
  • WIFI integrated
  • Dolby Audio
  • Narrow Bezel Design
  • Free Wall Bracket