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Mxq Pro Tv Box 4K TV Box /Android/Smart TV Bo

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 Smart TV Box AKA an Android box is the device to go for if you are looking to upgrade an existing Digital TV / LCD screen to have Smart features. The LCD screen or Digital TV only needs to have a HDMI port and it will work with this device. It runs on Android operating system thus allowing you to download and install your favorite Apps, Stream movies from Netflix, Amazon prime, YouTube among others, Browser, and play games. It also has an ethernet port and WIFI support for internet connection. It eliminates the need to buy a Smart TV and makes your existing one Smart! It's also easy to install, just plug it to a power socket, use a HDMI cable(comes with the item) to connect one end to the device and the other end to the  screen, a remote controller is provided for navigating around.   This is the Latest version of the MXQ PRO TV Box.

Technical Features / Specifications

Processor The MXQ PRO Android TV Box features a 64 bit Quad-Core Processor coupled with a 1GB RAM which is fast enough for a TV box to give you a smooth experience. This processor is able to decode 4K video signals.   Graphical Processing Unit(GPU) The 5 Core Mali-450 GPU is one of the latest Mali GPUs available in the Market and runs OpenGl 2.0 games and Apps efficiently. It has full support for next-generation and legacy 2D/3D graphics applications. 


An internal 8GB memory allocates you the space to store your favorite Apps and important data. An SD slot and a USB ports provides for more room to plug in expandable storage devices.

Operating System

The MXQ PRO Smart Box runs on Android 10.1 Operating System. This OS version brings out a very friendly user interface and easy to interact with, it's fast and has the latest Android features.


This Box has an Ethernet port which allows for wired internet connection. A HDMI port is present and allows for high definition Audio and Video signal transfer at high speeds. An AV(Audio Visual) port and an IR(Infrared) ports are present. The AV helps during Live broadcasting (eg a church service) and also during Video conferencing. USB ports and a MicroSD port provide room for plugging external storage devices.

VP9 Video Coding (HDR10)

WIFI Support (2.4Ghz)