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Robot Mini Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

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ROBOT Wireless Bluetooth Speaker with Digital Display& Mini Card-068BT

Product Details

These wonderful low-cost wireless speakers are probably the most affordable, quality Bluetooth mini speakers you will find on the market.

They boast of a smooth sound cased in a small but full-featured cabinet that you can connect to your phone, tablet or any stereo source. You can also plug in a flash disk or Micro SD (TF) card and enjoy playing music directly from the unit. It also boasts of an FM radio that will capture and play your popular radio stations. Unlike any other Bluetooth speaker on the market, you can group a couple of these speakers together so that you can play music from your phone to two speakers at once!


With its battery, you can enjoy music on the go for several hours once it is fully charged. You can charge it from a 5v USB charger, power bank, laptop, or desktop USB port.

You can pair it with your Bluetooth source (phone, tablet, laptop, mp3 player/iPod. Better still you can load music on your flash disk or microSD card and then simply plug them in and listen to cool vibes, audiobook or instructional audio

The speaker comes equipped with an AUX cable that lets you connect to an external audio source like a computer, TV, or DVD player.
Once paired with your phone, the speakers allow you to make and receive hands-free calls using the Bluetooth speakers and inbuilt microphone