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Kenwood HFP30.000BK Air Fryer - 3.8L.

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Kenwood HFP30.000BK Air Fryer - 3.8L.

Air fryer is one of the hottest appliances on the market today. The Kenwood HFP30.000BK Air Fryer - 3.8L is perfect for anyone who wants to cut down their food costs by getting creative in their kitchen.

The Kenwood HFP30.000BK Air Fryer is an appliance that lets you fry, bake, broil and roast so you can create a wide variety of foods with minimal heat. Featuring a unique cooking system featuring three separate sealed oil compartments - one for deep-frying, one for baking and one for roasting - the Air Fryer allows you to get multiple dishes cooked without producing excess grease or oil. Built with high-quality construction and safe materials, your food will come out delicately fried or crisply roasted every time you use this Kenwood Air Fryer!

The HFP30.000BK Air Fryer offers the ability to bake, roast, cook and steam all your favourite foods. This immersion, oil free fryer uses heat super-concentration technology to cook food quickly and efficiently, whilst maintaining essential nutrients and lengthening the life of your fried food by up to 5 times! With this product, it is perfect for people who are looking for healthy frying with no oil needed. The air fryer also features a 9 litre oil tank and 450ml drip tray

  • Power: 1500W
  • Low oil fryer - Rapid air circulation
  • Digital control panel (LCD)
  • 7 pre-set programs
  • Time setting range 0-60 mins
  • Adjustable Temperature 80-200 degrees
  • The capacity of the basket 3.8L (around 1.2Kg)
  • Less 80% fat than traditional fryers.
  • Removable non-stick bowl with handle
  • SS heating elements