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APC 650VA UPS. 230V, AVR, Universal Sockets.

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APC 650VA UPS. 230V, AVR, Universal Sockets. 

You've got this! We all know how unpredictable life can be, so having an APC 650VA UPS. 230V AVR Universal Sockets is just what you need to make sure your computers are protected from power outages. Let us know what other electronics you use this UPS for.  APC's 650VA UPS, with Universal Power Bridge universal socket saves you time and money. It's easy: install the APC 650VA UPS into any Universal Power Bridge (UPS) compatible device, including your desktop, laptop computer, or other electronic device that allows you to power on with a wall socket plug. The APC 650VA UPS delivers the most energy-efficient solution with no compromise.

The APC 650VA UPS is a high power, universal power backup unit that provides your computer system with a quick, reliable and consistent power source. With a runtime of up to 1 hour and peak power of 650 VA (RMS), the 650VA UPS is ideal for small offices and home offices where reliability and low cost are top priorities. The simple, yet powerful design makes it easy to install and configure even for novice users.

  • Type - Uninterruptible Power Supply
  • Input Voltage - 220 - 240 VAC
  • Output Voltage - 220 - 240 VAC Nominal
  • Output Frequency - 50/60 Hz ± 5%
  • Load Capacity (VA) - 650 VA