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200kgs crane scale.

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200kgs crane scale.

If you're ever trying to carry an item that weighs over 200kgs and find yourself having trouble, take note of this one crucial detail! If it's too heavy for one person to lift, then it's too heavy for two people to lift. Tell us if you've found this helpful when trying to move something heavy around - maybe we can help out another reader by telling them what they need to know next time they're stuck in the same situation.

The SC scale is a state of the art weighing system that allows users to accurately and quickly determine the weight of tonnes without falling victim to human error. This makes it ideal for businesses who need to transport heavy loads such as cement and steel. All you need to do is set up the measuring system and run your weighing sensor across the load. This crane scale is made up of high quality materials, so the performance of this crane scale is stable and durable. It has a smooth operation, which greatly improves the productivity of the products.

  • Load capacity up to 200 kg
  • Input voltage AC 100V - 240V, 50/60Hz
  • Range accuracy ±0.05% FS
  • Max load 100kg