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100watts Solar street lights.

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100watts Solar street lights.

The first batch of our new 100watts Solar Street Lights arrived today! They're even brighter than our 50watts Solar Street Lights and they're designed to run off solar power instead of batteries. Solar powered street lights are designed to replace conventional street lamps, providing a good level of illumination and a long service life. They are powerful enough to illuminate dark streets and areas illuminated by gas generators in the remote villages.

A High-performance, energy efficient and long-lasting Solar Street Light is ideal for residential and commercial areas. Equipped with an Inverter Technology, the light module converts DC power into AC power to illuminate buildings or parking lots. It can be used anywhere from parks, streets and sidewalks to other buildings as well. The lamp has a built-in LED that produces less heat than traditional lighting and lasts longer up to 50,000 hours of operation. Compatible with all point sensor car cigarette socket in the market, it’s suitable for urban applications like on roads, paths and bridges.

Specifications. Usage/Application Street Light Lighting Type LED Input Voltage 10V Body Material Aluminum IP Rating IP33 Lighting Color White Frequency 50Hz Lumens 5600 Lumens Wattage 100W Mounting Type Wall Mounted Charging Time 6Hour Work Time 12Hour LED Life 50000Hour