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150watts solar streetlights.

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150watts solar streetlights.

If you're looking for an efficient and environmentally friendly way to light up your property, consider solar streetlights. Solar streetlights offer all the same benefits of their traditional counterparts while being powered by clean energy sources like solar panels instead of electricity coming from dirty power plants.

Our solar-powered street lights will direct you on your route regardless of where you live or where you wish to go. These lamps use solar power to charge the lamp and obtain electricity from the sun at night. They are also fitted with USB connections for charging your phone, tablet, and other electronics. 100 continuous and 200 peak watts. reaches a height of 18 feet at most. With its 130 lumen light output, it emits roughly 400 lumens at night and 500 lumens during the day. A 12-foot USB wire and two key fob access are included with the all-in-one solar lamp, allowing you to manage it remotely if necessary. comes with an easy-to-install wall mounting bracket and a six-foot wire cable.

  •  Battery: 3.2V/36,000mAH
  • Connecting Wire between Light and Panel: 5M/ 16.5f
  • Adjusting angle: 120 Degrees
  •  Working Time: At full battery, it can maintain 24 hours of lighting in full brightness mode.
  •  Material: ABS/ Aluminum
  •  Working Temperature: -20℃-80℃
  •  Diameter of Pole Mounting ( Not included): 1.96-3.15 inch
  •  Lamp Size: 17.5*7*2.4 inch
  •  Solar Panel Size: 18*13.8 inch
  •  Arm pole Length (Include): 19inch (48cm)